Jeff Cole

What does a  young  musician who needs to make a living do for a day job?

With the help of Jimmy Carter's  CETA program during the seventies, Jeff Cole put down his guitar long enough to enroll as a student at the Eastern School of Musical Instrument Repair in Union, New Jersey.  Under the exacting and expert coaching of renowned craftsman and mentor Fred Kirschner, Jeff found that he had a talent for making musical instruments make better music.  Specializing in woodwind repair, Jeff graduated from the two year program and found that his 'day job' evolved into a gratifying vocation.  Though Fred Kirschner has passed on and his school has closed, the huge  impact of  “Eastern” on the field of instrument repair is evident in the network of  their graduates  working as repair technicians across the globe today.


Jeff Cole has been repairing woodwinds,

brass, and stringed instruments for thirty years.

     During those years he has been employed in the shops of international band instrument distributors and retailers while building his own business, "Musicians Repair Service."  There is a good chance that if you have taken your instrument to a music store for maintenance or repair in central New Jersey, Jeff has already worked on it.  Jeff is a consumate professional and uses his skill and expertise to give attention to all his customers, professionals and students alike.


A member of  NAPBIRT, the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians,  Jeff continues to develop his skills and keeps abreast of trends and technologies in the trade.