What sort of repair do I need?

Playing Condition

  • Level leaking pads or keys
  • Adjust spring tension
  • Replace key corks/felts as necessary
  • Adjust key heights as necessary
  • Adjust, regulate, and lubricate key mechanisms
  • Play test
  • Replace necessary pads
  • Miscellaneous repairs (extra fee)


  • Disassemble and clean instrument
  • Reassemble and install all new pads, key corks/felts
  • Refit tenon joints as necessary
  • Replace all tenon corks
  • Tighten key action
  • Adjust and regulate keys and key mechanism
  • Lubricate key mechanism
  • Remove dents
  • Refit and polish keys, rings, posts and body
  • Oil wood bodied instruments
  • Polish and lacquer of brass parts
  • Play test


  • Dent Removal
  • Custom Key Work
  • Spring Replacement
  • Re -Corks
  • Pin, Fill Cracks & Refinishing
  • Custom Part Manufacturing
  • Case Repair